What Can Brian Do For You?

Being a multifaceted voice actor, I can bring a variety of characters and accents to your project.


From teenage basketball stars to Russian mobsters, I can deliver a diverse cast of memorable characters for your novel. Even if you’re a self-published author, you can get your books on Audible and iTunes. Just contact me for more info.

Some of my works include:

Television, Film, and Video Games

Need a narrator for your TV or Film project? Want to bring your indie video game to life with voice acting? Let me know. I can help with:

  • Trailers
  • Narration
  • Animated Characters
  • ADR
  • Voice-over (main or non-player characters)


Podcasts have moved from emerging media to a diverse and stable medium of entertainment, education, and news. Need a friendly narrator for an article? Need a short story narration? Drop me a line and ask me what I can do for you

Podcasts I’ve been featured on:

  • Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast – Weekly Trivia Show
  • Bureau 42 – Sci-Fi & Fantasy discussions
  • PodCastle – Weekly Fantasy short stories.
  • Pseudopod – Weekly Horror short stories
  • StarshipSofa – Weekly Science Fiction stories and interviews
  • Tales to Terrify – Weekly Horror short stories
  • Far-Fetched Fables – Weekly Fantasy short stories
  • MedusPod – A collection of short stories from various genres.

VSL and Online Marketing

Today’s customers do not want the in-your-face approach. Today’s customers are savvy and intelligent and want a friendly, warm, and companionable voice to inform and educate them. My voice is ideally suited for this “guy next door” sound. Engage your customers, don’t abuse them.


Many people are auditory learners. Additionally, learning is done whenever and wherever the student has time. As such, you need a clear, clean, friendly voice to narrate your materials. Be they college courses, technical training, or vocational education, call on me to help give your product that professional sound.

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