Voice Packs – In Progress

August 29, 2012 0 By Brian
Voice Packs – In Progress

Working on the scripts for the Voice Packs. Loads to do and I want to have a road map down before I get started. These packs are designed to allow Indy Game developers quick, affordable audio for their games.

Anyone out there with ideas or comments on what actions should be covered by the packs?

Here’s a list of the “actions” I have for RPG PCs:

  • Battle Start
  • Battle Won
  • Cannot Carry
  • Cannot Move to Spot
  • Cannot Open
  • Cannot Use
  • Charge Up
  • Critical Hit
  • Critical Miss
  • Discovering Wonder
  • Distraught
  • Dungeon Cleared
  • Entering Dungeon
  • Found Loot
  • Idle
  • Join Party
  • Level Gained
  • Use Item
  • General Affirmatives
  • General Negatives
  • General Questions
  • Class Specifics
  • Effected
  • Injured
  • Death

I am going to build a separate list for RTS games and RPG NPCs. The first pack is a fantasy RPG “rogue” character. Check back for more info.