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“Switch” on StarshipSofa

By Brian

In this Writers of the Future award-winning short story, a homicide detective addicted to a high-tech drug struggles to end his addiction by taking down the dealer responsible for the death of a 17-year old O.D. victim.

“Sick Leave” on StarshipSofa

By Brian

Another great story read for StarshipSofa. This time it’s T. Fox Dunham’s wonderfully dark story, “Sick Leave.” If you’re fans of Black Mirror, especially the episode “Men Against Fire,” you will definitely want to listen to it.

Now on StarshipSofa – Pall Bearers

By Brian

I had the privilege of narrating a bit of Military Sci-Fi, Pall Bearers by Martin L. Shoemaker. It’s a fantastic short story with loads of suspense, science speculation, and action.