In Sickness and In Slaughter by SH Livernois

November 1, 2023 0 By Brian
In Sickness and In Slaughter by SH Livernois

Once again, I’ve narrated a story for Tales to Terrify. This time, it’s ‘In Sickness and In Slaughter’ by SH Livernois. It’s the story of a man’s dedication to his wife who goes above and beyond.

It’s a tale that’s both heartbreaking and horrifying. If you like horror mixed with an old love story, this is for you. Check it out and my other narrations on Tales to Terrify.

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I have another story for TTT coming soon, so if you’re subscribed, you’ll get it as soon as it drops. Let me know if you have a horror story (short or novel-length) you want narrated.