Glen & Tyler’s High Seas Hijinks is Here!

June 18, 2015 0 By Brian
Glen & Tyler’s High Seas Hijinks is Here!

Glen & Tyler fans rejoice!

The fourth book in the series is now available in audiobook format, narrated by yours truly. Download it now, grab a Mai Tai, and just relax and enjoy it.

Be sure to leave the book a review when you’re done, JB and I really appreciate it as it helps get new listeners to the book and the series. Thanks!

Available now on Audible!

What people are saying

  • I love this series and Brian’s reading. These are stories I listen to repeatedly, and I am thrilled to add this one to my rotation. – Audible Reviewer, J. L. Morgan
  • “I read this through in one sitting, I’m always waiting for the latest Glen and Tyler adventure, and this one was great.” – Amazon Reviewer, “Van”
  • “Are you ready for a James Bond type adventure, full of gadgets and clever surprises, and multiple spy agencies and their agents, all vying for a piece of the hijinks pie? Yeah? Then you’re in luck! This wonderfully over the top ode to the sleek, cheesy style that is James Bond fits the bill. I know it did for me!” – Amazon Reviewer, “Spifette”