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Posts related to my books in the Shardlore series.

World Map

By Brian

I’m nearly done with my world map. When it’s done, I’ll through it up for comments.

New Title/Logo

By Brian

Because I have the attention span of a gnat, I need to work on other parts of the book to keep me occupied.

Word Count Status

By Brian

For my fellow authors keeping tabs on me, I’m putting the word count over on right-hand side of the blog, along with the percentage to 70,000 and the number of chapters I’m through.

CT Reborn

By Brian

OK, so I’ve written up a nice two page outline, redoing the story for Embarkation and I’m feeling much, MUCH better about it. Bit of a wake-up call for me and I’m OK with it.

Starting Over on CT

By Brian

I’ve had a fair number of positive comments on the sample chapter of Crystal Tech. That said, I think I’m starting over. I’ve hit a few obsticals that are just getting me hung up and I can’t move past. I’ll enumerate them as a warning for other authors

Getting Lazy

By Brian

OK, I hit a streak there for a while, now I’m slacking. I want to push through it and get up to 30K in the next couple of weeks, but work and home keep conspiring to keep me away from the keyboard.