20,000 Kilos Under the Sea by Richard Wickliffe

December 1, 2022 0 By Brian
20,000 Kilos Under the Sea by Richard Wickliffe

Ready to go deep into adventure? Well, I’ve got a new audiobook out and people are loving it.

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A modern retelling of Jules Verne’s high-seas adventure, with an exiled captain using an illicit submarine for smuggling, discovering riches, and revenge.

When a US expedition is attacked, three survivors—a professor, her student and a soldier—are saved by a mysterious vessel, the Naumtsev. The enigmatic Captain Nikto elects to keep the captives aboard, requiring each of their skills for his daring pursuits. But as evidence of a rogue submarine alerts the world’s navies, the captives must work together to avoid annihilation.

A fast-paced adventure-thriller that’s described as, “the classic Disney adventure meets The Hunt for Red October.”

Gold Winner – Best Suspense/Thriller, 2023 President’s Book Awards, Florida Authors & Publisher’s Association