“The Strange Machinery of Desire” on PseudoPod

November 23, 2012 4 By Brian
“The Strange Machinery of Desire” on PseudoPod

My latest narration project, “The Strange Machinery of Desire,” by Justin A. Williams is live! Check it out on the always awesome Pseudopod.org. It was a great chance to do one of my favorite accents, Russian.

Like most stuff on that podcast, it’s rated R. If you’re old enough, I highly recommend downloading it and give it a listen!

Beside them, a young man—a boy really—was having disks of black metal implanted in the skin of his forearms. Zeljko looked on, his mind spinning with a strange mixture of fear, revulsion and excitement. The excitement moved toward arousal, and he was suddenly self-conscious. He turned away, and walked back into the main area of the club.