“The Cure That Kills” by Frank Ballesteri

cureMy good friend, Frank Ballesteri, has his first book out and it’s a great tale.

“The Cure That Kills,” a political techno-thriller, tells the story of Dr. Russell Taylor, a scientist whose star is rising due to his breakthroughs in cancer research. Just as his accomplishments are at their height, Dr. Taylor’s world begins to unravel when one of his research assistants discovers that a U.S. Senator is dying from a disease. A disease with which he was intentionally infected. A disease which Dr. Taylor unwittingly helped to create. Being framed for crimes he didn’t commit, Dr. Taylor must choose either prison, death, or agree to participate in a deadly plot that will shift the balance of power in Washington DC. Knowing that his cure has been configured to kill, Dr. Taylor must somehow prove his innocence and destroy any trace of this new bio-weapon – not only to save his life but also the millions of others that could die if his “cure” gets into the wrong hands.

Be sure to grab it today on Amazon.

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