It Was A (Short) Good Run

Gonna call it early this year gang. Too many days of no-writing and I am way behind in my count. Add to that four days of vacation with the family around Thanksgiving means I am hopelessly behind schedule. But I managed 11,000 words that are not going to waste. I am, however, going back to Alchemical Adolescence for the time being and letting Destiny & Doom rest for a bit. I will pick it up later on when I have more time and a better sense of the overall plot. I think I started the novel too far into the story and need to backtrack it for it to make sense. I thought it would be fun to dive right into the action and back-fill the history of the characters, but it’s getting weird. Who knows. A break and fresh eyes won’t hurt, right.

Good luck to everyone else still NaNo-ing.

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