Ancient Enemies is out!

Book Two of the The Order Saga is now available on Audible or Amazon. This is my third collaboration with Brian McKinley and we’re very excited to bring you this new audiobook.

The Hegemony is the ruling council of The Order, a society of vampires that has controlled world governments for centuries. Now, vampyr scientist Caroline Ludlow and her fledgling Avery Doyle have control of North America. But with that power come enemies working toward their downfall. When Caroline leaves to secure her position at the Hegemony’s summit meeting, Avery must protect their home and Caroline’s scientific discoveries from agents of a foreign power. If Avery can master his new-found powers and Caroline can determine which of her many enemies are trying to sabotage her efforts, they may survive. This emotionally-gripping paranormal thriller brings readers deeper into the world of The Hegemony, offering surprising revelations and shocking betrayals.


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